Who we are

We are a team of investment professionals with international experience. We have been active on the Czech market since 2010. We specialise in investments into SMEs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

Our strategy

We placeemphasison an individualapproach.

We help our companies accelerate growth, increase operational efficiency and improve their competitiveness. We achieve these goals through expansion into new markets, investment in new technologies that drive increases in productivity, and by introducing new products and services. We help create strong and stable companies with new opportunities, and employ experienced and talented professionals.

Our work brings long-term positive value to employees and the regions where our companies operate, thus contributing to the overall growth of the economy.

Social responsibility is not an empty phrase for us. We support and develop a number of regional non-profit projects, from youth education to charitable work.

Our strategy

Our investment strategy focuses on sectors where we see long-term potential for stable growth, an opportunity for a technological specialisation, or a room to increase competitiveness.

Typically, we invest in established companies in which we can rely on the robust know-how of their existing employees. We then create lasting value through collaboration between us as an experienced investor and the company's employees who provide crucial operational and strategic experience into the decision making.

In our work, we like to cooperate with experienced managers who help us shape the strategic vision of the company. After finding common goals, we focus only on strategic issues and do not interfere with day-to-day operations of the company.

In setting the company's strategy, we seek balance between a short-term financial approach and long-term strategic thinking, and we rely on the opinions of experts, company founders and our managers.

The small size of our investment team allows us to eliminate the complex and often unnecessary reporting obligations typical of large corporates and funds.

Social responsibility is not an empty phrase for us. We support and develop a number of regional non-profit projects, from youth education to charitable work.

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In addition to the business sector itself, our main criteria in finding and assessing investment opportunities lie in the company's products or services and their respective market position. In our work, we seek and proactively reach out to companies with high-end products, services or highly specialised know-how that achieve long-term sustainable EBITDA of approximately CZK 20-150 million.

In addition to structured M&A processes, we have experience with direct takeovers of companies from their owners – founders, followed by a successful professionalisation of their management and governance. We are also ready to welcome company owners as our partners, and to participate in the growth of their companies by investing additional capital.


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